About Us

What's 213Deli?

A deli is a store selling a variety of great stuff, right?! Some classics. Some new things you haven’t tried before. It’s a fun place to fill up with goodness, and you always leave feeling happy. At 213Deli, we’re igniting happiness and delivering simple (and sometimes guilty) pleasures that always make you smile. Every week we drop the best-of-the-best beauty products via text. If you love it, text us back, and we’ll ship them to you. If you miss a drop, you can catch up with our editorial content on 213Deli.com.

Who is behind 213Deli?

Three friends and colleagues who share a deep passion for beauty and grooming products have come together to collaborate, and we’re inviting our friends and colleagues who are the taste makers and experts in beauty – celebrity makeup artists, beauty editors, celebrity estheticians, and your favorite expert beauty creators.

Corey Weiss ​

Corey Weiss

was born and raised in Los Angeles where he could be found playing competitive sports or attending a concert. As an adult, Corey has combined his love of technology and storytelling to work on building brands in the most exciting ways. He is a pioneer in the Creator Economy having worked with influencers when they were called YouTube Beauty Gurus and was on the founding team at IPSY, the world’s largest beauty subscription service. His can’t-live-without grooming product is the K18 leave-in hair mask. Corey is a husband and father to two amazing young adults.
Nicole Collins​

Nicole Collins

is also a native Angeleno who grew up listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and crushing on Anthony Kiedis. She’s happiest when she’s barefoot on the beach in Malibu. She’s been a beauty junkie since she was a kid and has spent her entire career working with beauty brands and playing with products. Nicole was also on the founding team at ipsy where she led brand partnerships. Her can’t-live-without beauty product is the microdermabrasion scrub from Derma e. Nicole is a wife and mother of rambunctious twins.
Jules Camposano​

Jules Camposano

grew up in Germany before moving to London to attend Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. From there she jumped the pond, moved to New York City and started creating brilliant work for beauty brands at L’Oreal. She later moved to LA, met Nicole and Corey at ipsy where she was the Creative Director, and Southern California got into her blood. She’s happiest riding waves at Surfrider or Topanga. At work, she’s the creative mastermind behind some of the coolest beauty brands you know and love. Her can’t-live-without beauty brand is One Skin. Jules is a mother of two incredible young men.