The Six Best Stocking Stuffers for Skincare Lovers

by Nicole Collins

The thing about gift giving is that most people aren’t very good at it.  Let’s be honest.  Most people try to think of a “good gift” rather than thinking about what the person they love loves most.  If you buy your loved one (or colleague or mother in law or whomever) something they actually enjoy and would buy for themself, then you’ve given them an amazing gift.  That plus, here’s a little life lesson for you, no one wants socks or sweaters for the holidays.  

All women (and lots of men) want luxury skincare.  They want something they haven’t yet splurged on for themself but have been dying to try.  Do yourself a favor, and put these little gems into a gift box or stocking this season and thank us later! 

At 213Deli we’ve tried it all.  The brands we love don’t test on animals because people like me are more than happy to try new skincare regularly even though I sometimes end up with rashes and reactions.  It’s worth it to find the holy grails that really do work. I’ve worked in beauty for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve tried just about every product on the market.  Herewith are my top six luxury skincare favorites for 2023.

New Mutha

Best Eye Cream

It might sound crazy to give someone an eye cream as a gift, but if your gift recipient loves skincare and, or is over the age of 35 (and certainly if they’re a mom), they’re likely going to be extraordinarily appreciative of such a thoughtful gift! 

Among its 100% clean, 97% naturally derived ingredients in the MUTHA Up All Night Eye Cream are pearl powder and coffee seed extracts that make quick work of diminishing dark circles and boosting radiance. Bio-fermented hyaluronic acids, rice kefiran, and rice peptides provide maximum hydration, renewing tired eyes to give that “I just got eight hours of refreshing sleep” look.

I love its whipped texture that absorbs easily and its pearlescent tint that creates the effect of a pretty highlighter, brightening my under eye area with gusto.

Best Serum

Best Serums

If your gift recipient is a minimalist or insanely busy (ie doesn’t have time for a 10 step skincare routine) then give them just this one item, and they’ll be eternally grateful. The U Beauty Resurfacing Compound is meant to help with four key skin issues we encounter more of as we mature: fine lines, blemishes, discoloration and uneven texture.

This one product includes several big-hitting ingredients, like vitamin C, retinol, hydroxy acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. I know you may be thinking that sounds like a lot of actives all together, and you’re right.  The experts at U Beauty have created this formula using their proprietary SIREN Capsule technology, which delivers these powerhouse ingredients to areas of your face most compromised by oxidative damage. Free radicals are neutralized by the SIREN Capsule, and the anti-aging actives penetrate the skin’s most vulnerable areas. It is not only gentle (no burning, no stinging) but it provides real results.  This is a holy grail product that will utterly delight its recipient!

Bio Effect

Now if your gift recipient is a maximalist and loves a longer skincare routine (or they cannot use vitamin A because they have sensitive skin) then get them the bioeffect egf serum.  This Iceland-based biotech brand uses a botanically-derived form of Epidermal Growth Factor from barley that can be used on its own as a gentle, retinol-alternative, or in conjunction with the dermatologically-beloved vitamin A-derivative for an added, anti-aging boost.

Epidermal growth factor is a signaling protein that targets cell turnover and increases the presence of structural proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin, as well as hydration powerhouse hyaluronic acid. Supporting these components of the skin — which naturally begin to decline at the age of 25 — means helping to buffer your complexion from the typical signs of aging like wrinkles, crepiness, sagging, et al. It also supports the integrity of the skin barrier, a protective layer of the skin that keeps moisture in and irritants, aggressors, and pathogens out.

I use the U Beauty serum in the morning and this one at night, so you can give them both!


Best Serum with SPF

Again, the maximalist will want this to layer over the others.  The minimalist or gift recipient with sensitive skin who never leaves the house without SPF will love this serum all on its own.

Formulated with 70% organic ingredients, the clean, vegan formula offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, as well as Bluescreen Digital De-Stress Technology — which is a fancy way of saying the product includes plant-based active ingredients to repel blue light from screens and even helps to combat pollutants.

But that’s not all. While you’ve probably heard all about probiotics being great for your gut, it’s not exactly common knowledge that these tiny microorganisms can also improve the look of skin as well. By helping all skin types, whether dry, normal, combination, or oily, to retain moisture, this super ingredient works to keep the skin’s natural barrier intact and thriving — and yes, it’s all found in this fabulous serum.

To sweeten the deal, you’ll also be left with a gorgeous, dewy radiant glow — without having to excessively rub it in, just to suffer from the dreaded white cast so many sunscreens are known for.

In terms of the best way to use it, I like to save this product as the last step in my daytime routine. After cleansing, I simply apply my favorite serum then top with this gem.


Best Moisturizer

Ok now everyone on earth uses moisturizer even if they aren’t all the way down the serum rabbit hole like I am, so this is a slam dunk. The OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream is a silky, lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and wears really well under makeup.  The key ingredient is undaria seaweed, which replenishes and rebuilds the skin’s moisture barrier. It’s also packed with a seaweed marine blend of brown & green seaweed extracts, sea water, and marine exopolysaccharide that work synergistically to balance the skin’s microbiome. 

In clinicals studies, users overwhelmingly agree that their skin is more hydrated, healthy and smooth. I concur, and I find the subtle scent of rose geranium, clary sage & chamomile utterly intoxicating.

face oil

Best Face Oil

This is the item to gift if you’re really trying to impress someone!  Retrouvé is pricey.  It’s an investment, and it’s worth every penny.

The Retrouve Balancing Face Oil is light and silky.  It seals in hydration, and works its magic all day under make-up. It’s easily absorbable with big benefits (antioxidant rich and full of fatty acids) but without the heavy feel of most oils. It features Mokaté Oil, from the drought-resistant Kalahari melon, which adapted to survive arid desert environments by locking in every drop of moisture. It’s made with the brand’s signature Triple Airless Protection System (RTAPS313™) that aids in keeping the exceptional ingredients exceptionally efficacious. 

It’s so beautifully packaged that all it needs is a bow on top. 

If you’re buying for someone who is obsessed with skincare, you can get them every item listed.  They all complement one another and can be used together.  If you know your gift recipient extremely well, then pick and choose what’s best and rest assured that you cannot go wrong as everything listed here is tried and true!

Happy gifting!

213Deli editors are beauty experts with eons of years of experience under our belts. We’ve tried it all and keep on trying everything new that comes out in an effort to save you the headache of wasting your time and money on things that aren’t worth it. We only write about and recommend products we truly love and are pretty sure you’ll also love. All products are chosen independently by our editorial team. If you buy something we link to, 213Deli may earn a commission.