Cerē: Oui + Enchantment Gel & Alice Mushrooms Happy Ending

by Claire McCormack

I write about the sexual wellness space as closely as anyone—it’s my favorite category to cover! The entrepreneurs building in this space are so passionate, mission driven and knowledgeable. In my thousands of conversations with them over the years, I’ve learned so much.

While I don’t pretend to be a doctor or therapist, I have gained an encyclopedic knowledge of the brands and products in the space, which allows me to answer the many questions I get from people looking for recommendations.
One very common question I get is a good choice for a first vibrator. As sex and pleasure become less stigmatized (yay!) people who have long been curious about toys, lube, etc. are finally ready to make the leap and I am always more than happy to provide some guidance.

Thanks to physician founded sexual wellness brand Cerē, I have a toy to enthusiastically recommend to people: Oui. This pocket-sized and travel-friendly (it comes with a discreet slipcover) toy is designed for external exploration—either by yourself or with a partner.

(Partners? No judgment here!). The very versatile Oui is perfect for stimulating the nipples, perineum, clitoris, or any other inch of anatomy craving attention. And, though she is little she is fierce. Even with its dainty silhouette, Oui has 10 different speeds to help everyone find their perfect mode.

Cerē team member Dr. Kimberly Lovie Murdaugh says, “Oui, a travel vibrator, is one of CERĒ’s most popular tools. Its pocket size and discreet carrying pouch makes it a favorite among women who are on the go, whether they’re traveling for work or pleasure.”

Why Cerē? This award-winning brand was founded by Dr. Amir Marashi, a board-certified OB/GYN and author with over twenty years of experience in the medical field. It’s building a name for itself with science-backed products developed by physicians to close the pleasure gap by placing pleasure at the forefront of health.

What’s the pleasure, or orgasm, gap? A well-studied disparity (first identified in 1953 in the Kinsey Report) in the achievement of orgasm during sexual encounters between heterosexual men and women. In 2020, public health researcher and journalist Katherine Rowland wrote a whole book about the phenomenon.

In addition to its collection of innovative pleasure devices like Oui, Cerē’s marquee product is its Enchantment Gel. Dr. Marashi got to work creating the first physician-developed arousal gel, refining the formula over four years. He then teamed up with Harvard and Yale-trained scientist Dr. Kimberly Lovie Murdaugh to harness the power of organic chemistry and medical insights to perfect Enchantment Gel’s formula with a special blend of l-arginine and l-citrulline to increase blood flow, warmth and pleasure, as well as chamomile to promote muscle relaxation—making it easier to “O”. Besides its stack of active ingredients, Enhancement Gel’s silky texture glides effortlessly onto the skin, enveloping the body in a juicy veil of warmth and subtle tingling sensations. Its water-based formula ensures easy cleanup, leaving behind no residue or stickiness, making it a perfect first lube for neophytes as well as an effective and enhanced option for more experienced pleasure seekers. If a love session comes up spontaneously, don’t worry. Enchantment Gel only needs to be applied five minutes before play time. You can grab Cerē’s 3-pack of Enchantment Gel sachets so you’re never not ready for fun.

For the ultimate pleasure trifecta, I highly recommend adding in one of my favorite recent sexual wellness launches, Alice Mushrooms Happy Ending. If you’re not familiar with Alice Mushrooms, let me introduce you to this super cool ‘shroom-infused mushroom chocolate maker sold at Erewhon, Pop-Up Grocer and several other it-girl favorite retailers. Alice launched in 2022 with focus-fortifying Brainstorm and sleep-supporting Nightcap, and just last month it added the literally and figuratively spicy Happy Ending to its offering. The unisex aphrodisiac is a dark chocolate bar packed with nine active ingredients, including maca, horny goat weed, cordyceps and  damiana—the most actives Alice has ever put in a product. The brand loaded up Happy Ending to make sure that it can address all the different issues that can get in the way of intimacy, for both men and women.

Alice co-founder and CEO Lindsay Goodstein and co-founder and COO Charlotte Cruze worked with doctors, biochemists and herbalists to collect research on every single natural aphrodisiac, narrowing down that extensive list down to a select few to create a potent libido supplement for all genders that works immediately while also improving long term sexual wellness. The duo didn’t stop there. They also partnered with a team of fifth-generation chocolatiers to perfect Happy Ending’s flavor profile. Active ingredients like cayenne pepper and ceylon cinnamon provide benefits and bite. Skip the sketchy plastic-wrapped gas station pill and opt for an elevated treat that’s as stylish as it is sexy.

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