Goldfaden MD Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Facial Cleanser

by Nicole Collins

Let’s be honest, at our age we need skincare that works. We love the idea of clean beauty but only if we can see the results. That’s exactly what drove Dr. Gary Goldfaden to create the first dermatologist-developed, naturally inspired skincare brand on the market when he launched Goldfaden MD in 2013.

Long before clean beauty was everywhere, it was exactly nowhere because people thought it didn’t work at all. Dr Goldfaden knew it did. He started practicing dermatology in the 1960s and watched consumers’ concerns change drastically over the years. He knew he could create products that would mimic the effects of his in-office treatments using clean, natural ingredients that actually work. Golden MD is the perfect marriage of plant-powered ingredients and clinical- level results, and Dr Gary Godlfaden is the pioneer!
Washing your face is the foundation of your skincare routine, and you should be just as picky about what you use to wash as you are about what you use to moisturize.

Goldfaden MD Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Facial Cleanser is one of my personal all time favorite face washes for so many reasons. It’s a daily multi-tasking advanced cleanser that does everything I need it to. It removes makeup and other impurities from the skin, and it’s working to improve moisture levels with Seaweed Extract so it leaves my face feeling firmer. It’s also safe for sensitive skin!

One of the tricks to getting the most from your face wash is giving yourself a facial massage while washing. It’s two minutes of your day (or 10 whatever you have time for) that’s good for your soul and your complexion.

Here are a few simple techniques that just might change your life:

Begin by sweeping your fingers down the bridge of your nose, under your eyes and outward towards your temples.
Then sweep your fingers over the cheekbones and up towards your temples, then repeat under your cheekbones and up towards your temples.

Next give your elevens some love and tension release by massaging your forehead starting at the elevens and moving upwards and outwards over your brow line and up into your hairline.

Give your chin and jawline some attention by creating a v-shape with your pointer and middle fingers and sweeping upwards and outwards towards your ears. One finger should be above the jawline while the other is below.

Gently sweep up from the base of your neck to your ears ensuring that you’re always going against gravity and moving upwards.

Lastly, don’t forget your decolletage. As the famous facialist to the stars, Joanna Czech, always says, your face starts at your hairline and ends at your nipples so don’t forget to wash and massage the decolletage.

These techniques work with any face wash, but do yourself a favor and get your hands on the Goldfaden MD Pure Start Gentle Detoxifying Facial Cleanser. Goldfaden MD’s professional-grade products use antioxidant-rich plant cell actives that nourish the skin barrier. All of Goldfaden MD’s products are free of unnecessary additives and inflammatory ingredients including parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, alcohol, silicone, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and gluten. And every product is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, vegetarian, and certified cruelty-free by PETA.

To top it off, their bottles are constructed with over 70% of recycled plastics. Their boxes are made from 60% recycled paper, and both are 100% recyclable. They’ve also partnered with One Tree Planted so every Goldfaden MD purchase not only makes for a cleaner skincare routine but also a greener future. One product = one more tree on this earth. I love a brand that loves Mother Earth.

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