Kjær Weis: Im-Possible Mascara

by Loni Venti

At this stage in my life, my makeup routine is simpler than ever. Unless I have an event, I’m just wearing the basics. For me, that means tinted sunscreen, mascara, and lipstick. (Mayyyybe I’ll dab some lipstick on my cheeks.) So the few products that I do apply, have to really deliver. I need my trio to be tried-and-true.

For years, I stuck to the same mascara. When I dared to venture out, the newbie would either smudge all over, or slowly disappear before the day was halfway through. I craved a cleaner, more sustainable version, but the options always fell short.

Then, this red tube in a chic little jewelry box entered the chat.

Kjær Weis’s Im-Possible Mascara is aptly named, because it seems impossible. Certified
organic mascara that is buildable, volumizing, lengthening, lasts all day, and is easy to remove?
Packaging that is recyclable and can be infinitely refilled? Impossible. Until now. Kjær Weis, the pioneer of organic, luxury beauty, made it happen.

Here’s a little background on the brand in case you’re not familiar. Their founder, makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis, launched the brand when she realized that there were no organic, sustainable options available that could perform well enough for photoshoots. Kirsten leveraged her connection to nature (she grew up on a farm in Denmark) and her beauty expertise as a world-renowned makeup artist to chart new territory. And so, Kjær Weis was born.

Back to my au naturel mascara bestie. The brush is a dream! Dual-sided, with one curvy side for buildable volume and drama, and a flat side for detail and definition. I like to use both, starting with the curve to get the length and fullness going, then flip to the flat side for precision. I don’t personally wear mascara on the bottom lashes, but the flat side would be perfect for applying there if you do.
The formula is a bold black. Just a few coats make my lashes really pop. It dries quickly so I don’t have to deal with smudges, but not so quick that it causes clumps. And the ingredients are gorgeous. Sustainably sourced beeswax with acacia gum creates the creamy texture and clump-free hold. Marula oil nourishes the lashes. Raspberry fruit water and sunflower seed oil condition and support growth. It’s like a built-in lash treatment.
And despite all the lifting, plumping, lusciousness, this was extraordinarily drama-free when it came to removal. My usual oil cleanser quickly broke it down and it rinsed away. No raccoon eyes in the morning. No smears on the pillow case.
For me, Kjær Weis Im-Possible Mascara checks all the boxes. I really hope that you’ll give this luxe, organic must-have a try. I’m confident that you’ll love it too.
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