Kosas: Air Brow CLEAR

by Kirbie Johnson

I remember when I first met Sheena Zadeh-Daly, the founder of Kosas. As a longtime beauty editor, I was used to meeting founders at local coffee shops to learn about their upcoming brands. It can be awkward, depending on who you’re meeting — there’s a lot of pressure on them to say the “right” thing and present the brand in a way that would be intriguing to someone who could take your brand mainstream, but with Sheena, it was like meeting a long lost girlfriend. Perhaps that’s because her brand was already being talked about: Gwyneth Paltrow loved her first launch, four lipsticks. (Celebs like Hailey Bieber and mega-influencer Kensington are now major fans.) Kosas was still a baby brand then, in 2015. But Sheena had pinpointed a trend that Kosas would lead the industry on: makeup with skincare benefits. Or as the brand puts it, “Makeup for skincare freaks.”

It’s genius. Because even though skincare wasn’t as massive as it is now — remember, we were still carving our “Instagram Brows” and obsessed with matte liquid lipstick — it would garner more interest come 2017. Of course, the pandemic had people ditching their blush for BHAs and cream contour for ceramides, and now that we’re out and about again, people are taking a lighter approach to makeup, which is what Kosas offers.

The brand has since expanded into an incredible range of products, from Revealer Concealer — a product people loved so much that they used it all over their face (hi, it’s me); it was eventually turned into a foundation — to expanding into true skincare with launches like a spray-on collagen serum and fan favorite DreamBeam SPF 40, a mineral sunscreen with no cast. (Truly.) Then there’s Kosas’s brow range, which not only looks great aesthetically, but looks great on. Which leads us to this week’s drop: Air Brow, a clear, light-as-air, lifting gel and treatment in one compact package. With peptides, panthenol, trehalose and hyaluronic acid to strengthen your brow hairs, the goal is to actually make your brows fluffy and full, not just look like they are. And because it’s clear, it works for all brow shades.

I’ve waxed poetic about this gel on my podcast, Gloss Angeles, more times than I can count: it grips each brow hair for a perfect feather brow without making them stiff or flakey. I use it mostly on days when I need my brows to look coiffed sans makeup, but it’s a great product for getting full face-ready, too. A trick I’ve learned from many-a-brow-expert: use a gel first to set the brow in place, so you can see exactly where your sparse spots are and avoid overfilling. Then fill in with your preferred pencil, cream or powder.

Last step, of course, is to add an amazing mascara. I’m loving Pacifica’s Activist Volume & Curling mascara lately. Pacifica has an incredible range of mascara and was one of the first brands to be on the forefront of “natural” beauty — it’s 25 years old! Activist mascara utilizes plant waxes and fibers to help build up volume and length and comes in a gorgeous glass tube that feels luxe but is meant to help minimize plastic waste. It leaves the lashes looking fluffy, holds a curl, and has been reviewed as “sensitive-eye” friendly.

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