Living Proof: Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo + Dry Volume & Texture Spray

by Nina Ojeda

Living Proof

My hair and I have had an interesting 35-year relationship. I have experimented with every hair color under the sun, from deep brunettes to neon pink, and I’ve even tried a pixie cut (which, let’s just say, was not my best look). I also started a company in the hair care and beauty space so it’s fair to say that I have tried at least 150 different brands over the years.

From a young age, my hair has always been an extension of my creativity. As a natural ash blonde/brown (for the hair geeks out there, I’m naturally a level 7A), I’ve had the freedom to switch between darker and lighter shades on a whim. Somehow, my hair participates in my madness and has not burned off despite the many chemicals I threw at it. My friends know this about me, and I think it’s important to mention that I suffer from ‘how hard can it be?’ syndrome. What I mean by that is, if I decide at 9pm Sunday night I want highlights, I’ll be staying up all night doing my own highlights. That’s why salon quality products are a non negotiable for me. My hair would never survive my delusion otherwise.

For someone who enjoys toggling between dark and light, maintaining consistent hair products that work regardless of the color or cut can be quite challenging. Take dry shampoo or texture spray, for example. It’s notorious for being tricky to transition from a dark brunette to a bright Kim Kardashian white-blonde look because of the white-cast.

Even as a person who is always up to try a new product, there are a few key products that I consistently buy over and over. Living Proof’s Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo and their Dry Volume & Texture Spray are two of those star products. We know that daily hair washing isn’t the best practice for maintaining our hair’s natural moisture and health. So, this is your answer. I learned from a stylist of mine years ago the best way to use Dry Shampoo is first: before you need it, and second: the day before you look like the “swamp thing.”

On day one, right after my shower and blowout, I use Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo lightly at the roots. I wash at night so I’ll sleep on it and in the morning use the Dry Volume & Texture Spray to revive any of the volume I might have lost the night before. Despite what you may think, it does not create any cast or cakey-ness at all. It works its magic to keep my hair feeling fresh through the week. By day four or five, I use it again to extend the life of my hairstyle for another day or two. It’s become a non-negotiable part of my hair care routine. Mostly so that I can enjoy the freedom of experimenting with different hair looks without worrying about changing my entire product stash. Because in addition to being a beauty DIYer, there are just some things I won’t compromise and that’s high quality products. If you try it and don’t absolutely love it, I’ll be deeply shocked.

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