Love Wellness: Bye Bye Bloat and Bye Bye Bloat Detoxifying Body Oil

by Elizabeth Denton

If you’ve ever had a lymphatic massage — or if you’ve just seen one done on TikTok — you know how luxurious they are. The technique can improve the flow of lymph fluid, which can reduce swelling pretty much anywhere in the body, making you feel leaner and tighter in less than an hour. But the massage can be pricey and as a busy beauty editor, I don’t always have time to get to an appointment. That’s where Love Wellness’ Bye Bye Bloat and the NEW Bye Bye Bloat Detoxifying Body Oil come in to save the day. Now this I can do at home to save money and time, and reap all the bloat-busting benefits of lymphatic drainage.

If you’re not already familiar, Love Wellness is the female-first wellness company on a mission to provide personal care products with solutions for those intimate issues you might only talk about with your closest girlfriends. Iconic reality star Lauren “Lo” Bosworth is the founder and CEO.  She’s all grown up now after Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. We already feel like she’s our BFF, and now she’s a CEO on a mission to bring you actually effective femcare™ products that speak your body’s language with Biome-Positive™ formulas to help your vagina, gut, and hormones do their best work.  Every formula is doctor-developed, all natural and highly effective.

According to WWD, Love Wellness’ bestselling supplement Bye Bye Bloat has already sold more than 2 million bottles. It contains a blend of digestive enzymes and botanicals that alleviates bloating and water weight during PMS, after eating potentially irritating ingredients including gluten and dairy, or just after a big meal.

Now, the brand has followed up the success with a new body care collection including Bye Bye Bloat Detoxifying Body Oil. “You’ve known and loved our Bye Bye Bloat supplement for years, and NOW I’m so excited to announce the launch of Bye Bye Bloat Body Care!” Lo said on TikTok. “We worked with doctors and naturopaths to develop 3 brand new Bye Bye Bloat products to help you depuff and sculpt from the inside out by bringing spa-level lymphatic massage right to your home.”

I was especially excited to try the body oil because my skin is dryer than the Palm Spring air during a cold Coachella night. And I need a little self-care time. I’ve been a journalist focusing on beauty and fashion for 15 years and my schedule never seems to slow down — even after I moved to Los Angeles from New York City a little more than five years ago. In fact, my skin took a hit when I moved to LA’s ultra-dry climate and it’s constantly craving hydrating and a little extra attention.

Detoxifying Body Oil contains hydrating sunflower seed oil and squalane to keep skin silky smooth, as well as grapefruit oil, which acts as a lymphatic stimulant and can help reduce swelling caused by water retention. Rosemary oil is in there for its detoxifying properties, and peppermint soothes inflammation, irritation, and itchiness. And when you’re a dry-skin-girly, you know how itchy your skin can get without the right products.

I decided to try the Detoxifying Body Oil right from the shower since that’s when my skin is the driest and also because you should always apply oils on wet skin for maximum absorption. The first thing I noticed upon application was the scent — or I should say, lack thereof. I really dislike strong smells in my skincare and was happy this one is soft and pleasant. There’s a subtle smell like you’re in a spa, starting off with the sunflower oil and finishing with a light peppermint aroma. I’m obsessed with it.

I also love how quickly the oil sinks into the skin, leaving it silky but dry so I could slip my PJs on without getting oil all over the place. I like the idea that I’m de-puffing my skin while I sleep, waking up to a slightly tighter look. It’s the perfect addition to the Bye Bye Bloat supplements we all know work SO well.

Now, Lo is all about body positivity (as am I) so when we talk about bloating, it has nothing to do with weight or calories or having a “flat” stomach. It’s about how you feel when your reproductive system causes you to retain water or you eat something your gut doesn’t appreciate. Reducing bloating and improving the flow of lymph fluid can make you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. (Your smooth, firm, silky skin!) And with continued use, you’ll just reap even more benefits. Sign me up, Lo!

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