MUTHA: Up All Night Eye Cream

by Amanda Garrigus

I don’t use eye cream. I know this is a controversial statement for someone about to extoll the virtues of one such product, but hear me out. For the last twenty odd years I have worked for fashion magazines and entertainment news shows, researching, testing and talking about the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty trends. My very first internship out of college was for Canada’s grande dame, Flare magazine, where I had the nirvana-inducing pleasure of organizing the “beauty closet”. (A space approximately the size of my then studio apartment.) In the ensuing years, I’ve had my skin analyzed and worked over by some of the industry’s OG estheticians and have been the privileged, and giddy recipient of whole product lines from the world’s best. Side note: Letting some of these extraordinary gifts expire on my at-home beauty closet shelf is one of my life’s greatest regrets. Ah the hubris of youth.

But I digress. All this is just to say that I KNOW all about eye creams, I just choose not to USE them. Why? Because I’ve never found one compelling enough to convince me to consider adding a step to my already multi-step skincare routine. Until now. When it comes to beauty products, I’m a sucker for three things, effectiveness, a good story and compelling packaging. MUTHA Up All Night Eye Cream boasts all three.

The brand originated with the birth of their iconic Body Butter. Fine-tuned in the kitchen of MUTHA’s then pregnant founder, the deeply nourishing, anti-stretch mark cream quickly became a bestseller. From there, this woman-owned company expanded into facial skincare with a serum, a face oil and now, their cult favorite eye cream, Up All Night. Among its 100% clean, 97% naturally derived ingredients are pearl powder and coffee seed extracts that make quick work of diminishing dark circles and boosting radiance. Bio-fermented hyaluronic acids, rice kefiran, and rice peptides provide maximum hydration, renewing tired eyes to give that “I just got eight hours of refreshing sleep” look.
I immediately loved its whipped texture that absorbed easily into my skin and its pearlescent tint that created the effect of a pretty highlighter, brightening my under eye area with gusto. As if creating an award-winning product weren’t enough, MUTHA took it one step further, committing 5% of profits to maternal health related charities. So what about that packaging? Well, if you like your humor on the cheeky side like I do, you’ll get an extra kick out of their inspired messaging. Opening the box reveals a note from MUTHA telling you, and your eyes, to “Wake the F Up”, and they will.
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