NEZ Deodorant: Workout Sesh Bright Blend + Date Ready Bright Blend

by Emily Wagner
NEZ Deodorant

It’s time to redefine your daily scent ritual with Nez Deodorant, a game-changer in the world of clean underarm care. Stop compromising and say hello to clean, customized freshness for every moment courtesy of founders Sherry Jhawar and Allison Statter. As connoisseurs of clean beauty, they’ve embarked on a revolutionary journey to offer not just efficacy but pure delight in every underarm swipe.

As a teacher in The Work IN (my one-on-one, deeply holistic approach to fitness that merges intense full-body conditioning with mindset coaching), I find myself navigating a multifaceted existence daily. From orchestrating transformative workIN’s to spearheading my wellness gummy line, Micropause, my schedule is a whirlwind of activity. Good luck to me if I can squeeze in a shower before putting on my CEO crown. Shocker: Nope. In my quest for balance and efficiency, clean beauty remains paramount. That’s why Nez Deodorant is a necessity not a choice in my fast paced lifestyle. It’s free from all the stuff I don’t want in my deodorant. No aluminum salts, parabens, baking soda, or gluten, all of which have been associated with increased risk to breast cancer. Just clean, effective ingredients that I feel good about putting under my arms and near my lymph nodes: zinc ricinoleate, arrowroot powder, and bamboo powder for max sweat absorption plus shea butter and coconut oil to help nourish my skin.

What sets Nez apart from the sea of deodorants lining our shelves? It’s simple: a commitment to well-being through exclusion of questionable ingredients and inclusion of good-for-you ingredients without sacrificing effectiveness. In a world where we demand more from our beauty products, Nez delivers in the most clean beauty way possible. These are not just deodorants. They’re an embodiment of care, understanding and empowerment because they not only work by absorbing sweat, but they smell amazing (using clean fragrances) so you move through the world confidently. And when you’re confident, you are your best self.

Nez Co-founder Sherry Jhawar, a beacon of strength as a breast cancer survivor, brings a personal touch to Nez. Having explored every aluminum-free deodorant in pursuit of something truly remarkable, she understands the importance of both efficacy and joy in self-care. She’s also an amazing beauty industry veteran who understands how to deliver what we’re all looking for from our personal care. Her co-founder, Allison Statter is equally passionate about beauty and wellness (also an industry veteran) and aware of the potential health risks lurking in traditional anti-perspirants. Together they’ve woven their passion and deep brand building experiences into Nez, creating products that prioritize health and luxury.

Now let’s talk about the magic – the fragrances. Nez doesn’t just neutralize odors, it elevates your scent game to new heights. Their selection of clean scents are all cleverly named to reflect the essence of the moment in the day that you might need them – workout sesh, board meeting and date ready.

NEZ Deodorant

The two that I am alternating right now are Workout Sesh Bright Blend and Date Ready Bright Blend. They’ve become staples in my workout and after-hours life.

I love that Workout Sesh Bright Blend is not overpowering. Think cucumber and greens without making me smell like I’m walking into the farmer’s market. Of course, ingredients are part of what elevate it to best-in-class status. Zinc ricinoleate, arrowroot powder, and bamboo powder work in harmony to maximize sweat absorption, keeping me feeling fresh and confident throughout even the most intense workouts. It also feels like more than just a deodorant. It’s a catalyst for confidence, motivation and empowerment. When I smell amazing, in a non-toxic way, and I’m also addressing sweat it’s a good day.

Of course, the best part is that it actually works. I mean, I’m not exactly one of those people who perspires gracefully. I sweat buckets. But Nez holds its own, keeping me feeling dry and comfortable throughout my session. Plus, it’s formulated with shea butter and coconut oil so my skin stays hydrated too.

When it’s time to unwind and head out for the night – sending the right vibe is crucial. The Date Ready Bright Blend is perfection. It’s a clean scent that doesn’t overpower whatever body cream or perfume I’m wearing. It’s a most gorgeous mix of palo santo, vanilla and bergamot. Not overpowering, just enough to add a touch of sophistication without stealing the show. What I love most about this blend is its versatility. Whether I’m catching up with my bestie or nervously anticipating a date (think sweating buckets), Nez keeps me dry and sets the perfect mood. It’s like a little confidence boost in a stick with serious sweat-absorbing ability powered by charcoal powder and bentonite clay.

Nez is dermatologist-tested and vegan. They believe that beauty should never come at the expense of anyone’s well-being, furry friends included. Nez is a proud partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) which provides early detection, education and support services to those affected by breast cancer. They believe that everyone should have access to healthcare and that early detection helps save lives. They also love mother earth and have a killer recycling program. What’s not to love?

NEZ Deodorant
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