OSEA: Atmosphere Protection Cream

by Nicole Collins


Part of my deep love affair with beauty brands lies in their stories, and Osea Malibu has one of my favorite stories ever.  It’s one of those brands that was an overnight success. You know the ones that go viral on social media (you’ve seen their Undaria Algae Body Oil all over the gram) and everyone thinks they discovered it when in fact it’s been around for almost three decades?  Yeah, one of those.    

Jenefer Palmer founded the brand in the ‘90s long before “clean beauty” was buzzy.  Her grandmother taught her about the healing powers of the ocean, and the ocean remains the brand’s deepest inspiration. In the ‘80s while working at one of Southern California’s first wellness spas, Jenefer started formulating her own potions and created what would eventually become the OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil.  Then and now she focused on the amazing benefits of seaweed because it’s a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are moisturizing and have anti-ageing benefits backed by science.

For nearly three decades (long before going viral was important) she’s been on a mission to create clean, seaweed-infused skincare that respects the natural world and makes skin look and feel its absolute best. Namaste.

In 1996 they officially launched the brand at Fred Segal on Melrose when that was by far the coolest place to shop in LA. OSEA stands for ocean, sun, earth and atmosphere, the natural elements of wellness.  They promise that every decision, every product is made with consideration of their impact on our planet and our collective well being. They are clean and vegan and cruelty free.  They are Climate Neutral certified and an Ocean Positive verified brand.  They also have an amazing recycling program.  OSEA is the real deal.

As I always say, though, none of that really matters if the products aren’t amazing, right?  Well, they are.  The Atmosphere Protection Cream is one of my personal favs.  It’s a silky, lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and wears really well under makeup.  The key ingredient is (you guessed it) undaria seaweed, which replenishes and rebuilds the skin’s moisture barrier. It’s also packed with a seaweed marine blend of brown & green seaweed extracts, sea water, and marine exopolysaccharide that work synergistically to balance the skin’s microbiome.  


In clinicals studies, users overwhelmingly agree that their skin is more hydrated, healthy and smooth. I concur, and I find the subtle scent of rose geranium, clary sage & chamomile utterly intoxicating.

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