Pacifica Beauty Functional Fragrances: Montana Sky + Beach Day + Passion Fruit

by Nicole Collins

There are so many little things we do in life to make ourselves happy from giving ourselves little treats (ahem retail therapy) to swiping on a red lipstick.  One of my little pick-me-ups is spritzing on a scent that matches my vibe for the day.  I’ll admit that I used to have a signature scent (gardenia), but I’ve ditched that concept in recent years and created a fragrance wardrobe so I can choose something that speaks to my mood.  Of course, that little life change also has me layering scents and choosing fragrances that I wouldn’t have previously selected.  I feel less committed now that the signature scent doesn’t define me, and I’m more inclined to try new things.  It’s a little liberating and a lot of fun. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore a gardenia scent and often choose white flower fragrances.  Old habits die hard.  One of my most distinct scent memories is of falling completely in love with Jo Malone at her retail boutique in London in the 1990s.  I spent a summer in London in college. The original Jo Malone store was on my walking route from home to my internship, and I stopped in every single day. The shopgirl and I became friends. She told me every detail about every scent. I spritzed myself with each fragrance and wore a different one to dinner every night. By the end of the summer I had decided upon Vintage Gardenia, and I spent what felt like a lot of money at the time on this gorgeous bottle of magical perfume. I remember more about that Jo Malone store than my internship from the summer or the friends I made.

I wore Jo Malone’s Vintage Gardenia throughout my twenties. I switched between that and the much more affordable Pacifica Gardenia solid perfume from Whole Foods because it was also lovely and only $10. Honestly, the men preferred the Pacifica.

That was two decades ago and when my deep love affair with Pacifica Beauty began. Pacifica launched in 1996 and was clean and organic long before those were the buzziest marketing words in beauty.  It’s always been an accessible, clean brand that has truly spectacular products. When Brook Harvey-Taylor and her co-founder/husband Billy launched Pacifica, it was all about starting a movement based on authenticity of values and honoring the earth, and they continue to uphold those values two decades in.  I’m a forever fan girl! 

As such, I was utterly delighted when they recently launched three new plant based, neuroscience-backed, functional fragrances. Brook was an aromatherapist before launching the brand and has always been a genius perfumer.  Each of the three new scents (Montana Sky, Beach Day and Passion Fruit) use the brand’s coined “aromapower” as invisible, powerful mood lifters that have a positive impact on mind and mood. 

Montana Sky elicits grounding, which is a clear nod to Brook’s roots in her home state.  It’s an airy, unisex scent that starts with top notes of black pepper, petit grain, and elderflower that move into cumin, olibanum, cedarwood, and sage and finally settle with base notes of sandalwood upcycled, vetiver, and cypress.

Beach Day elicits the kind of bliss you feel at the end of a gorgeous day on the sand. Brook and Billy are surfers who moved from the Pacific Northwest to Southern California so they could surf more often in the slightly warmer water. Their love affair with the beach runs deep as does mine, which has me all the way in love with this fragrance. It’s a beautiful unisex scent that blends smoke notes, sandalwood, and orange flower.  It starts with top notes of bergamot, nutmeg, cardamom, and orange flower before moving into orris, violet, and sandalwood and then setting with base notes of amber, musk, and suede leather.

Passion Fruit elicits joy and reminds me of that instant that I step off the plane in Hawaii (my home away from home) and catch the fruity and floral scented air and drop right into vacation mode.  It’s a gorgeous, unissex fruity scent that starts with top notes of bergamot, passion fruit, watermelon, and pineapple and then dips into some florals with orange blossom, rose and ginger before settling into base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

All three are blended in natural grain alcohol and use “aromapower” where neuroscience meets natural ingredients that have a positive effect on your wellbeing. True to Pacifica’s values, they’re all formulated without phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, polycyclic musks, nitromusks and the brand’s extensive No List.  They’re 100% vegan & cruelty-free and made with compassion for the planet, animals & you.

I love that these scents are dropping just in time for summer, and I have every intention of layering them and wearing each one on its own.  They’re reminding me of an amazing instagram meme posted by Sara K. Runnels (@omgskr) that read, “ It’s Firework Girl Summer – make dramatic entrances, get a little lit, have a blast, scare a few people, end the night with a bang, look shitty in pics even though you are beautiful.”

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