Polite Society: B.I.G. Mouth Plumping Oil Gloss + Greatest Lashes of All Time

by Jules Camposano

I’ve been working in the beauty business for a very, very long time. Gen Z wasn’t born yet, let’s just say that. As a creative director, I’m always drawn to brands (and brand founders) that are doing things differently, thinking outside the box. There have been so many cool brands over the decades, but only a small handful have been truly unique and done things that altered the industry forever.

There are some iconic beauty products that anyone of a certain age, like me, will remember fondly. MAC lip glass, the original Beauty Blender, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and Too Faced Lip Injection to name a few. Side note, if you remember when these products launched, it’s time to add retinol to your beauty routine.

If you follow beauty news like I do, you probably felt some kind of way when Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson (the co-founders of Too Faced Cosmetics) sold their company to Estee Lauder in 2016 and then left the brand all together in 2021. It was the end of an era. Jerrod and Jeremy and Too Faced, which launched in 1998, were part of the original group of indie brands that really broke the mold in the beauty industry. They were completely unique, and they figured it out as they went along and they competed in a major way with the big guys like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder, which is why ELC eventually purchased them. Too Faced was one of those epic indie brands in the early days (along with Urban Decay and Tarte to name a couple others) that drove the cool factor at Sephora when Sephora launched in the USA as the department-store-alternative beauty retailer. All this before the advent of social media!

Jerrod and Jeremy were and are innovators and artists, and so I was extremely excited when they announced the launch of their new beauty brand, Polite Society, in 2023. It’s a plant based, vegan and clean brand that is also all about glitz, glamor, payoff and efficacy. If you know them, the understated no-makeup look is not their vibe.

The Polite Society website declares, “Life is full of contradictions, my darling, but so are you. In our Polite Society, we believe you can be polite and opinionated, fierce and feminine, bold and beautiful, clean and controversial. We are infusing the world with our brand of bold, unapologetic positivity, love and creativity. We believe you can be polite without playing it safe. You can love without limits. Together we can change the world by giving more love and positive energy—and we’re going to look amazing while doing it.” Amen to it all. We’re here for it!

I’ve used a bunch of the gorgeous products from the line, and my favorite by far is the B.I.G Mouth Lip Plumping Oil Gloss. Let’s be honest, they literally invented plumpers when they launched Lip Injection by Too Faced in 2005, so it should come as no surprise that they updated and reinvented that iconic product! B.I.G. Mouth is for the girlie like me who doesn’t get injections and also the girlie who wants to stay plump between injections (and maybe push her appointments out a couple of months). It plumps instantly and over time, and is SPICY! It’s infused with blueberry oil, organic infinity pepper and ginger root oil. The way plumpers work is that they trigger an allergic reaction and bring blood flow to the lips, which is why and how they plump up. The before and after pics on this product are incredible because it really works. It’s clinically proven to increase lip volume, and it’s mega hydrating as well, which I love. Not gonna lie, it stings a touch right off the bat, but that fades and my lips look amazing so it’s all worth it.

A close second for me in the favorites rankings for Polite Society is the Greatest Lashes of All Time Mascara. The molded brush delivers a gorgeous formula that’s volumizing, lengthening, lifting and curling. It’s a legit long-wear mascara that will last all day without smudging and then wash off easily with any good face wash and warm water.

No surprise, Jerrod and Jeremy have done it again. Lightening does not always strike twice, but these two brand builders have beauty gold on their hands with Polite Society. The branding is cool, which I care deeply about as a creative. The products deliver and are vegan and clean as a bonus. And their love first, positive vibes energy is a breath of fresh air! Hope you love it all as much as I do!

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