RMS Beauty: ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer + The Original Beauty Blender

by Sydney Wingfield
Hydra Dew

I like to refer to the past couple of years as the “glowing era.” After the obsession with matte makeup died down, looking dewy and glowy was (and still is) all the rage. I mean, I think we can all agree — there’s nothing better than finding a product that gives you your ideal luminous glow. My current favorite is the rms Beauty ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer.

The Hydra Dew Luminizer from rms Beauty and the Original Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge (you know, the cute pink one), are two ultimate must haves in any makeup bag. Use them together or separately, but you need them both! A product that blends well and can be built to my liking is always on the top of my list. This luminizer checks both of those boxes, and the original Beauty Blender?  Seeing this sponge feels like seeing a lifelong friend you can always rely on. It helps you achieve a flawless blend every single time with every complexion product there is. 

The Hydra Dew Luminizer from rms Beauty is a multi-dimensional, long wear luminizer/highlighter/eyeshadow that glides onto your skin effortlessly. You’ll see that the glow is hitting its stride when you pop it on the high points of your face (your cheekbones, brow bones, nose, and cupid’s bow). You can also use it as an eyeshadow.

The luminosity is perfection and it’s made with skin-loving, clean ingredients like everything else from rms – specifically Gel2Powder technology, wildcrafted buriti oil, and organic jojoba oil. The Gel2Powder technology is what you can thank for the lovely light weight of the formula. It helps the texture feel bouncy and provides long lasting, multi-dimensional color. The oils work to protect your skin’s barrier, provide antioxidant protection, and help your skin retain moisture. 


Hydra Dew

A makeup product that also works as skincare is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally love it – especially when it’s formulated with clean ingredients. Your skin is receiving nourishment while wearing makeup sans harmful chemicals and ingredients. It’s a nourishing step many brands are taking when launching new products or reformulating existing ones. Whether it’s an attempt to “clean up” their ingredients list or tap into the minimalist and multitasking trend, it’s surely welcomed by most, especially when a product like ReDimension Hydra Dew Luminizer is the result.

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