rms: Lip2Cheek + GXVE: Beauty Feelin’ Cheeky Amplifying Blush Duo

by Jamie Rosen

We don’t talk enough about the products that are not brand new, but that deliver again and again. There is no shortage of beauty launches. We know this. I’ve been covering it all for the last 15 plus years as an editor (currently as a Contributing Editor at Town & Country, where I was the Beauty Director, and Editor-at-Large at the Conservatory) and now helping to create what’s next with my company, Office of the Surface. But with all the testing, you need to have a few sure things in your arsenal, particularly when you are short on time and need to know what the result will be.

Lately, that short on time has been compressed to the few seconds before a Zoom, when I slap on makeup as the clock ticks to :00. Sometimes I’m reaching for those classics, and at others, it’s those new finds that stick around for longer than the launch date.

The RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek delivers EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I still remember the day its founder Rose-Marie Swift told me how to use it. She is truly a pioneer in the industry, one of the first to have organic skin-friendly makeup. We were standing in a shop downtown and she was showing me a row of pots, dabbing and pressing them into my face, making them one with her finger, first, and then my cheek. From the start, her products have always felt like they become part of the skin rather than sit on top of it, and that is the magic of her formulas and her sense of color. 

The shades are always brilliant. Not brilliant in the sense of being bright, necessarily, but rather, smart. They pick up hues that are naturally present in your skin, so you look like you just blushed, or finished racing down a mountain, rather than applied a ton of makeup. I love that they are made with buriti oil, which is one of Rose-Marie’s favorite ingredients, because it has antioxidant protection in addition to doing so much good on skin.

The shade Demure is a bit of an outlier in terms of its color. It almost looks like an idealized piece of proto-makeup: perfectly soft pink; very Barbie, a rosy cheek at arm’s length. But once on skin, Demure does something else. It makes your whole cheek glow. Lately I find myself attempting a higher blush placement in an effort to play with something new, dabbing closer under my eyes and across the bridge of the nose. It’s less about a sharp contour and more about healthy looking skin. I’ll dab some on my lips for a non-glittery 60s pout, and even put the excess on my eyelids.

The newer entrant here is giving dimension and staying power to a powerfully pink look. It’s Gwen Stefani‘s GXVE Beauty Feelin’ Cheeky Amplifying Blush Duo in the shade Ex-Girlfriend. I’ve always loved and trusted Gwen’s take on beauty (I once hoarded a red lipstick she did for an Urban Decay collab and her new collection is all about clean makeup that does not compromise on boldness, which feels so her), not to mention that we both have a son named Kingston ;).

What I love about this blush duo is that it is SO silky to the touch, which is really impressive, considering it is talc-free. There is a Natural Radiant super-pigmented shade on bottom and a Sheer Satin sparkly paler shade on top. I use the one on the bottom as a colored contour, going under my cheekbone and extending lightly to my temples; and the one on top dusted across my cheeks to give a little extra shimmer or on its own as a highlighter. I have actually played with using all three of these together for a long-lasting multidimensional cheek that really pops, but you can use one or two or all three and the result is always pretty.

Sometimes I shy away from pink, and think I’m not a “pink” person. It is true that most of my winter wardrobe is a range of taupes, creams and camels. BUT it cannot be denied that no matter your skin tone, a little pink lights up your face. And the rosy glow, particularly in winter, is just plain flattering. And whether you’re about to go on a video call or out for the night, these two (well, sort of three) really deliver.

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