Saltair: Nourishing Body Oil Exotic Pulp & Lagoona Deodorant

by Maxine Tatlonghari

I have been obsessed with all things beauty since junior high school when my mom bought me my first Seventeen magazine. Beauty and pampering were our love languages and our way to bond and spend time together. I still love a spa day, and beauty is a passion that I never shook.

So it’s no surprise that I grew up and launched a beauty brand, after an ah-ha moment at the spa no less. It was 2008, when YouTube was still niche and we didn’t yet have “influencers”. I started a beauty blog, as those were the days. I loved getting dressed at the day spa after being pampered, so I decided to create a lighted mirror for everyone and anyone who wanted a little Hollywood backstage moment in their homes, studios, and salons, and Vanity Girl Hollywood was born. Kim Kardashian was a fan and became a client. I was on to something! I sold Vanity Girl a few years ago and have spent most of my time recently focused on philanthropic work. Lately, though, I have found myself amid a beauty Renaissance.

So I was very excited when I learned about 213Deli and their super innovative text-to-buy service. Like many GenX women, I simply don’t have time to scroll every TikTok and IG Reel or attend every beauty event that pops up in my hometown of West Hollywood, as much as I would love to. I feel like I’m getting a little treat every week when my 213Deli text comes through.

When they asked me to review the Saltair Nourishing Body Oil Excotic Pulp & Lagoona Deodorant, I was all in! Give myself an at-home spa day? It’s what I live for. I love Saltair’s story. Like me, the founder, Iskra, is passionate about creating a brand that is inclusive and celebrates beauty in all its different forms. She makes gorgeous body products to make every body feel gorgeous. She also actively combines her love of beauty and wellness with philanthropy and a commitment to the environment. Namaste, sister.

Saltair formulates body products with active skincare ingredients, nourishing oils, and exotic botanicals to elevate your hygiene and self-care moments AND deliver effective results, all at a great price. Everything is cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and gluten free. Their library of nine scents allows users to indulge their senses and layer products for custom sensory experiences in the privacy of their own bath or shower, ahem at home spa.

The Nourishing Body Oil in the juicy, citrusy scent Exotic Pulp is a luxury oil formulated with fermented saururus, kukui nut oil, cacay oil, and squalane plus a biomimetic blend of plant actives and sea buckthorn oil that absorbs quickly and leaves skin dewy and glowing. If these ingredients overwhelm you, fret not. The brand offers a transparent, educational Ingredient Library where you can indulge your inner scientist meets botanical babe. It’s giving brainy yet unapologetically girly.

This Vogue editor LOVES the Exotic Pulp fragrance for those days she wants to layer scent in her “Everything Shower”, you know when you do the most in the shower with hair washing and everything. The juicy orange, luscious guava, and breezy driftwood keynotes create a moment like that first waft of fragrant air you breathe when deplaning on a tropical getaway.

In fact, I love the whole Satlair line for layering scents that last all day. I loved this blog post from the team at Saltair that tells you step-by-step how to create your bespoke shower ritual. And fun fact: Body Oil is one of the cornerstones of their signature self-care journey. Again, as a Gen Xer short on time, I often use my body oil in the shower and then forgo lotion as I’m fully hydrated! Time saver and skin saver.

How much do we love that 213Deli ships your package for free and includes a gift with purchase? In addition to the Exoctic Pulp Body Oil, I got my hands on the Saltair Skincare Deodorant in Lagoona, and I’m all the way in love!!

Now, I have been searching for an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works for quite a while. The closest one (which shall remain nameless) caused me to itch so badly. And nothing screams unsexy like a grown woman scratching her underarms in public. Luckily, this vegan refillable Saltair offering is aluminum free, cruelty free, paraben and gluten free. And the scent? This Who What Where editor has a self-professed obsession with Saltair’s scents. Lagoona leans androgynous, which I love (hi, Santal 33, I’m looking at you.) Bergamot, grapefruit, and musk give Lagoona a surprisingly sharp, watery profile. I love the refillable packaging and how this award-winning natural deodorant leans on salicylic acid to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay and smooth and brighten your delicate underarms, too. Win, win, win.

So big thanks to 213Deli and Saltair for giving me another reason to indulge myself in an at home spa day. I love everything you’re both up to!

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