Sara Happ: Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub + Saint Jane: Luxury Lip Oil in Alchemy

by Hannah Cassidy

Take care of your pout, ladies. There is (almost) nothing more alluring than supple lips. Despite working in beauty and being privy to endless education on skin health, I, too, am guilty of occasionally rocking chapped lips. So when 213Deli ingeniously paired the Saint Jane Luxury Lip Oil and The Lip Scrub from Sara Happ (a lip care queen), I renewed my focus on maintaining a beautiful pout.

I immediately got my hands on these two heavy-hitting brands that prioritize healing and efficacy. Saint Jane is an award-winning skincare line designed to combat irritation without stressing out sensitized skin and their collection of lip oils marks a smart foray into the color cosmetics side of beauty. Fun fact: Saint Jane is named after a 16th century saint, Jane De Chantal, who dedicated her life to nursing sick and elderly women who were rejected by other religious orders because of their age or ailments. A feminist who inspired collective care as the north star of your brand? I’m all about it.

Fast forward a handful of centuries, and Sara Happ broke the early aughts internet with the first-ever (!) lip scrub to hit the shelves of beauty retailers across the country and spurred a brand of cult-favorite lip products. Following a less-is-more ethos, Happ carefully formulated a wardrobe of lip staples that were centered around health. I was first clued into the brand after a pro tip from a wedding makeup artist who divulged that the Lip Slip gloss (another one of Sara Happ’s bestsellers) was their secret to the perfect “no-makeup” lips—hydrated and pillowy, with the perfect amount of shine.

This lip combo is curated to work together, but both can easily shine on their own. The grapefruit-flavored lip scrub uses fine-grained sugar crystals and moisturizing oils (like jojoba, sunflower, and grape seed) to slough away dead skin cells and flakes while simultaneously nourishing the lips. It’s great as a daily ritual or as a crucial prep step before applying pigmented lipsticks to ensure a smooth application and finish that stays put.

But if you want to double down on hydration (because of course you do), a few slicks of Saint Jane’s Luxury Lip Oil will do the trick. This unique formula hosts a cocktail of beneficial oils, butters, and antioxidant-rich vitamin C to calm and repair the lips. Then, a sheer wash of shimmery rose paints the lips with just enough iridescence to give the appearance of fullness and flush.

So if you see me in the near future, I’ll be proudly sporting a healthy, hydrated pout with nary a crack or flake—all thanks to Sara Happ and Saint Jane.

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