Sara Happ: Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub + The Cherry Slip

by Nicole Collins

You know I’m a total beauty junkie. I love brands and packaging and founder stories and most of all I love great products because they make me feel beautiful. That’s what beauty brands are all about. When you feel your best, you do your best, and that’s the only way to move through life! I love trying what’s new, and there is always something new. New ingredients, new application methods, new colors. But there are also some tried and true holy grail products out there that I have loved forever and will always love.

Sara Happ’s Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub is one of my holy grail products and always will be. About 20 years ago, Sara whipped up a little sugar scrub in her bathroom and changed our beauty routines (and the beauty industry) forever. Like the rest of us, she’d been using body scrubs and face scrubs regularly. But there were no lip scrubs on the market, which seemed silly since we all know the skin on our lips is unique and needs unique products.

Sara googled “lip scrub” and got zero results, and she knew she was on to something. She used the $10,000 she had in savings to buy sugars and edible essential oils, and she got to work creating her product and her brand. She sold her first scrubs to female founded local Los Angeles boutiques before People magazine ran a story featuring the scrub and her website crashed. Her mentor had told her not to quit her day job until she had to, and that was her moment.

Before her iconic invention, the glossy magazines told us to exfoliate our lips with a washcloth. That works, sorta, but it’s not doing our lips justice. Sara’s formula uses sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove stubborn lipstick. The sugar is blended with Jojoba and Grapeseed oils plus vitamin E, all of which are hydrating. But the real magic is in the petrolatum also known as petroleum jelly or vaseline. It literally locks moisture into your skin and keeps you hydrated. Your grandma’s beauty secrets still hold up!

The sugar in the scrub dissolves as you massage it into your lips in a circular motion. You can wipe away any excess with a washcloth or tissue if you need to, and you’re left with ultra hydrated and healthy lips. It’s gentle enough to use every day. If this isn’t already part of your beauty routine, you’re about to get a major life upgrade. Thank me later!

Exfoliation is key for healthy skin, lips included, and hydration is the second pillar of health. When our lips are properly hydrated, they are full and plump and they wear color better.

Sara Happ has a truly iconic lip mask, which should definitely be part of your nighttime routine. She also does gloss like nobody else, and her Lip Slip is the key to a gorgeous pout all day.

She JUST added a new shade of her iconic Lip Slip gloss, The Cherry Slip, and I feel it was made for me. I’m an Aries and an all or nothing kinda girl. You will either catch me with no lip color on or red lips and there is no in between. So when Sara Happ (finally) added this gorgeous semi sheer red shade to the line, I was elated. Sometimes, especially in the summer at the pool or beach, a gal needs a little swipe of red that’s not longwear lipstick. Not only is this the perfect shade of cherry red, but the formula is also really good for you. It uses a trio of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Macadamia oils to hydrate and lock in moisture.

Here’s the best beauty secret anyone will ever tell you. Get healthy and get happy, and you’ll be gorgeous forever. If you’re not already a Sara Happ devotee like me, you’re welcome for the introduction. You will not be disappointed, and your lips will be forever more healthy and happy and gorgeous.

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