The Good Patch: Early Bird Duo & DePuff Eye Patches

by Nicole Collins

The older I get the more my friends and I talk about “what really works”, ie which products actually make us look and feel bright eyed, bushy tailed and beautiful ergo confident. I’ve been working in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve tried just about every product on the market. It’s a perk of the job that I truly adore. I also tell anyone who will listen that people are inherently beautiful and don’t need beauty products but they sure do make us feel our very best, and that gives us the confidence to move through life with our best foot forward. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good.

This little philosophy of mine isn’t only mine. In the last several years we’ve seen the lines between traditional beauty products and wellness products get really blurry. Both Sephora and Ulta, our two fav traditional beauty outposts, now sell vitamin supplements and sexual wellness products. We’ve acknowledged, or we’re acknowledging, that healthy bodies and skin are beautiful. And healthy skin is the best makeup primer!

Although I’ve been a die-hard beauty junkie since junior high school, I only recently realized that I was in desperate need of a vitamin regimen to support my beauty routine. About four years ago, I started taking a daily multivitamin and then went all the way down the rabbit hole and now take a fist full of vitamins everyday. Better late than never!

In my research, I discovered and fell in love with The Good Patch. They’re on a mission to make wellness easy. Amen to that says the mom of twin toddlers. From easy hacks for better sleep to simple pick-me-ups that help you power through the afternoon slump, they’ve got a patch to make your wellness and beauty routines easy and convenient. Their secret sauce is the patch versus a capsule or tablet, which turn a lotta people off. It’s a sticker, really, that delivers plant based vitamins through your skin.

My favorite patch is the B12 Awake, which is infused with Caffeine, Green Tea, and Vitamin B12. This powerful trio will wake you right up early in the AM, help cure a hangover or jet lag and, or help you power through an abnormally long day. You can put it on with an empty stomach (unlike a regular vitamin), and it’s super easy to pack when traveling. Stick it to the inside of your wrist and leave it on for 8-12 hours.

The best combo from The Good Patch, if you ask me, is the early Bird Duo that gives you the B12 Awake (4 patches) plus three sets of Brighten Up Eye Patches so you’re all the way covered when you’re tired, hungover or jet lagged. The Brighten Up Eye Patches are hydrogel under eye patches infused with Niacinamide, Vitamin K, and Pine Leaf Extract to alleviate dark circles. I also adore the De-Puff Eye Patches that are infused with Caffeine, Aloe Vera, and Gotu Kola.

I honestly never travel without these three products in my makeup bag. They’re simple and truly do the trick. And I keep a set in my medicine cabinet when I’m at home and just powering through life as an entrepreneur and mom of twin toddlers.
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