Vacation Inc: Orange Gelée SPF 30 & After Sun Gel

by Corey Weiss

We’re beauty brand lovers here at 213Deli and have been for decades. We love everything about brands including their products because products alone don’t make a brand. A brand is alive when it’s done right. It stands for something, it’s recognizable before you see its name on a package and it makes you feel some kind of way.

That’s one of the reasons we’re huge fans of Vacation, Inc. The brand launched in 2021 with a mission to make sunscreen fun again “for true connoisseurs of leisure”. If you grew up when we did (in the 70s and 80s), then you remember when sun worshiping was totally ok and something everyone did. We won’t judge you if you rubbed baby oil all over and tanned in the backyard harder than you studied because we were there too. In the 90s we had a bit of an awakening and realized that too much sun can be harmful, and then all of the sunscreen brands ditched the fun factor and went clinical.

Vacation Inc. stands for sun protection, for sure, but they’re bringing back the fun factor and nostalgia with 80s inspired packaging reminiscent of Miami Vice and the good old days when sunbathing was a sport. Their Classic Whip SPF30 comes in an actual whipped cream canister and dispenses just like the creamy treat does. If you’ve been on tiktok ever, you’ve seen it.

They’re masters of truly great SPF products that do protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, but they’re also all about “excessively good” and “leisure-enhancing” sunscreen for those who take their leisure seriously. All of their products are developed with Dr Elizabeth Hale, a board certified dermatologist with clean and powerful ingredients. And all of the packaging and branding is full on 80s nostalgia that just makes you crack a smile.

We love everything they’re about, so we nearly jumped for joy when they announced their Revival Project with a mission to reboot the one and only Bain de Soleil’s Orange Gellée SPF 4. We definitely weren’t the only ones. When Bayer, which has owned Bain de Soleil since 2014, halted production of the line in December 2019 (after 94 years on the market), eBay went OFF with people trying to get their hands on every last bottle.


Enter Vacation’s Orange Gelée SPF 30: A Nostalgic Dream Come True

Ah, the power of scent memory. One whiff of something familiar and you’re instantly transported back to a specific time and place. For me, that something is the intoxicating aroma of citrus and summer – the signature scent of Bain de Soleil’s Orange Gellée SPF 4. Remember that? Now I feel like my parents reminiscing about something from days long gone. Those iconic aluminum tubes filled with orange tanning magic that had us all dreaming of golden tans and beach days.

Let’s be honest, some of us may (or may not) confess to, while on vacation, pilfering a few extras from those ubiquitous hotel housekeeping carts while on a tropical vacay. Don’t worry, statutes of limitations are probably long passed on that one! But alas, like all good things, the Bain de Soleil’s Orange Gellée eventually faded into sunscreen history leaving generations of tanners adrift in a sea of other not-as-epic options. Lovers of the real thing were trying to mix dupes at home if they couldn’t get a tube from eBay, but no one nailed it.

Fast forward to April 2024, and enter Vacation Inc., the brand with the self-proclaimed, and well-deserved, title of “World’s Best Smelling Sunscreen.” These clever folks set out on a well thought out and executed mission to bring back the sunshine in a bottle. They enlisted a panel of die-hard Bain de Soleil’s Orange Gellée fans in an effort to nail the slip, scent and overall essence of the, arguably, most iconic sunscreen ever made.

And let me tell you, they absolutely delivered with their Orange Gelée SPF 30. This isn’t a dupe, it’s a full-on revival! They’ve captured the essence of the original – the luxurious feel, the unmistakable citrus scent, that oh-so-satisfying glide-on application – and infused it with the essential upgrade of SPF 30 protection versus the SPF 4 of the original.


Beyond Nostalgia: A Modern Sunscreen Hero

Now, for those of you who weren’t part of the original Orange Gellée generation, fear not! Vacation’s Orange Gelée isn’t just a trip down memory lane. It’s a fantastic sunscreen in its own right. Here’s what makes it a winner.

  • The Feel: Forget greasy, sticky sunscreens. This gel-to-oil is a dream. It’s smooth and lightweight and absorbs beautifully without a trace of greasiness. It rubs in clear, leaving you with a healthy, dewy glow.
  • The Scent: It’s a vacation in the classic aluminum tube, a perfect blend of citrus that’s both invigorating and nostalgic. That unmistakable orange creamsicle aroma instantly transports you back to those poolside days as a kid.
  • The Protection: Let’s not forget the most important part, sun protection! Vacation’s Orange Gelée boasts SPF 30, which means you can soak up the rays safely (remember, sunscreen is essential for preventing sunburn and premature aging!). They also swapped out some of the original ingredients for more skin-loving natural oils (tamanu, coconut, jojoba and maracuja) and butters (shea and candelilla) plus vitamin E. So, you’re getting that nostalgic feeling with a dose of modern skincare goodness.
  • The Glow: This isn’t your average matte sunscreen. Orange Gelée leaves a subtle, healthy glow that makes your skin look like it was just kissed by the sun.

More Than Just a Sunscreen – It’s a Summer Vibe

If you’re looking for a sunscreen that smells like sunshine, feels like silk, and protects your skin like a superhero, look no further than Vacation’s Orange Gelée SPF 30. It’s a product that proves good things can come back, and sometimes, they come back even better than before. It’s a summer essential that will have you reminiscing about good times while keeping your skin safe and glowing. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, which is another big plus.

So, ditch those boring white sunscreens and embrace your inner child. Vacation’s Orange Gelée is here to remind you that sun protection can be fun, effective, and evoke some seriously good memories.


Don’t Forget the After Sun Gel

And if you do accidentally overdo it after too much rosé on the boat all day (or otherwise), then grab Vacation Inc.’s After Sun Gel. Again, it’s an updated version of the classic aloe vera gel that has really good for your skin ingredients including aloe vera (of course), cucumber, bisabolol, niacinamide, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, etc. Unlike that old school drug store aloe vera gel, this has no alcohol and isn’t sticky. It absorbs quickly and is safe for sensitive skin (tested by derms). It’s cooling and helps relieve the pain of sunburn and prevent peeling if you went all the way overboard. It’s also amazing if you’re just trying to hold on to your safely obtained tan for as long as possible because it’s ok to get a little sun!!

Stay safe out there and remember to have fun!

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