Volition: Beauty Turmeric Brightening Polish

by Nicole Collins
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I distinctly remember when I first learned how crucial exfoliation is in your skincare routine. I was in my twenties at a beauty industry event, and the one-and-only Kate Somerville was giving a talk about her career. Kate was one of the first celebrity estheticians to become famous herself. She talked about starting her career working for a plastic surgeon and later hiring plastic surgeons to work for her in her day spa. She’s such a badass.
I was young and gorgeous like all women in their twenties then, but I’ve never forgotten what she said about exfoliating your skin, especially your face. The talk was twenty years ago, so I’m paraphrasing here. Basically, your skin naturally sheds between 30-40k dead skin cells every minute. However, dehydration, stress, age, weather, beauty products, all of the things can slow that process down and leave build up on your face and body. You’ve got to properly scrub it all off or you’ll be wandering around with dull, flaky or congested skin, which nobody wants.

Your best bet for having the most glowing skin possible is to properly exfoliate. That’s the takeaway. If you want your skin to glow, scrub it! There are lots of good exfoliators out there. Kate Somerville herself has one of the best in ExfoliKate, which is a chemical, physical and enzymatic scrub though it can be harsh for people with sensitive skin.

One of my tried and true, which I use mostly on my body though it’s great for your face too, is the Volition Beauty Turmeric Brightening Polish. The physical exfoliant you feel scrubbing is walnut shell, which is safe for even sensitive skin. Turmeric, one of the world’s greatest plants, visibly brightens your skin especially when used over time. Sandalwood extract is toning your skin, and olive oil is hydrating. It’s really working magic to turnover dead skin cells and tone and brighten and hydrate so your skin looks as healthy as possible.

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If you’re not currently exfoliating regularly, this is going to massively upgrade your beauty routine!
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